Old enough to laugh at everything,
Young enough to know nothing.
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shockingly I had the urge to draw Korra this evening
what do you guys think about the shading in this? I kinda like the simpler look since I usually put wayyyy too many shadows on clothes etc










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Korra and Asami


Toph was an excellent fighter, but part of what made her such an exceptional earthbender was the fact her bending was so incredibly creative.


Toph developed her own earthbending style, completely unique and specifically designed for her own needs. She’s the first to use  earthbending as an extension of her senses, allowing her to “see” things others could not. Her bending was incredibly versatile— her seismic sense was not only useful for battle strategy, but was also utilized for practical living. She could turn herself into a human lie detector. With a bit of practice, she could construct a miniaturized sand city with the same ease of chucking a rock. She saw beyond the realm of what was thought possible and learned to bend metal, then developed and integrated the technique into her own fighting style.


So I think it’s incredibly appropriate that her daughter and grandchildren have gone on to use metalbending to fuel creative pursuits of their own. Zaofu is full of art, statues, and architecture built entirely of metal. Metalbenders practice choreography and dance, develop their own games and sports, and inhabitants of the city design new technologies never seen anywhere before. As Lin carries on Toph’s work in Republic City, Suyin continues as her work as a visionary — two equal parts of the same legacy.

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Avatar parallels ~ Transition of airbending, from father to son

Screaming an crying


what if the coins you find randomly at the bottom of drawers and in between couch cushions are actually from spiders trying to pay rent