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Andrej Pejic Comes Out as Trans Woman, Now Andreja

"I think we all evolve as we get older and that’s normal but I like to think that my recent transition hasn’t made me into a different individual. Same person, no difference at all just a different sex."


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israel bombed gaza’s zoo today.  no, hamas wasn’t there.

israel has bombed hospitals.  no, hamas wasn’t there.

israel has bombed schools.  no, hamas wasn’t there.

israel has bombed apartments, homes, and the streets.  israel has bombed the beaches.  israel has put out snipers to shoot at fleeing women and children and men.

israel is an apartheid state.

hamas doesn’t exist in a vaccuum. israel created hamas.  without israeli oppression and occupation and apartheid, there would be no hamas.

wonder woman wouldn’t stand for any of this shit.  you are not right, gal gadot, and israel.  you are not right, and you will not overcome.  you will never overcome.


well shit.

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I am feeling very gay right now and am surrounded by heterosexuals.

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My Way…

Yasmeen Model: JSquaredPro Photography

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Peace of Mind…

Zionia Francis Model

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Qasr Awlad Sultan, Tatawin, Tunisia | by Alfredo Miguel Romero

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Character Posters for Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire Arc

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A woman of color plays a lead character. There’s a trans character who’s treated respectfully. The white British dude is the immigrant with an accent, not the Asian woman. The cast is diverse. The story is interesting and fun. Moriarty is a powerful, complex female character with diverse motivations. Lucy fucking Liu is in it. There’s kick-ass mystery solving shit going on. There’s a pet turtle. Elementary is a gift to us all. 

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Santigold - Disparate Youth [Official Music Video] #srcalypsoo

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This image has surfaced the internet directly from Comic Con 2014 thanks to avatar-mom. It appears to be a younger Suyin & Zaheer in the circus.

In Book 3 episode 3 The Metal Clan, Suyin mentioned that she joined the Circus. Here is a quote taken from the episode:

When I was sixteen, I left home to explore the world. I sailed the seas on a pirate ship, joined a traveling circus for a while, and lived in a sandbender commune in a desert.

Coincidentally, screenshots show that Avatar will be travelling to the Misty Palms Oasis (which is in the desert) and other desert locations in a future episode(s). Zaheer and Suyin in the Circus together, Suyin stating that she used to live in the desert & Team Avatar travelling to the desert as a relevant part to the plot. Could this all be somewhat linked?

This part isn’t really relevant to the rest of the post, but: It should be noted that the official Book 3 trailer hints at their desert trip being a defeat for Korra as you can see in these two screenshots [ X & X ] that Korra & Asami are escaping the desert and Korra is collapsed into Asami’s arms.


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… I guess it was a killer joke, eh Tony? :D

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oh my god

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The stickers and buttons I bought from Jon Carling’s store just arrived this morning, with a few little extras! My journal and apron for work has never looked better with the Betrayed Queen button and sticker :)

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